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MWRC 2017

Regional Conference


We are SASE OSU and SASE Illinois, local chapters of the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers, and we’re hosting this year’s Midwest Regional Conference. The theme this year is ‘Dare to Empower’–a testament to our growing community’s continuous effort to support, champion, and encourage one another. Within our community are our members, you, whom we hope to see at our conference! Together, we’ll explore the ways in which we can empower the communities we already have, those we may not be so familiar with, and, most importantly, ourselves.


SASE Midwest Regional Conference is an ongoing tradition within the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers. Every year, we come together in order to identify who the future movers and shakers are within our community; we want to inspire the future generation of scientists and engineers to feel invincible. At this year’s conference, we’ll have several keynote speakers sharing their experiences of empowerment, workshops detailing the different paths we can take to success, and networking sessions connecting us to other students, professionals, and companies within the Midwest.

When and Where?

2017 SASE Midwest Regional Conference will take place Friday, February 17th, and Saturday, February 18th on the Ohio State University campus in Columbus, Ohio. Further details can be found on the Events Schedule page as we draw nearer to the day of the conference. Stay tuned!


Not only will this experience be a great opportunity for professional development, but you’ll be able to meet and socialize with other highly-motivated and impressive individuals. Also, Ohio State University has a beautiful campus with many charms and quirks to explore in the downtime during the conference!


On the top of this page, you’ll find a link to register for the big event. Before checking out, make sure to fill in the registration form to tell us a little more about yourself!

We can’t wait to meet you!